What is a Business Adviser?

You may have seen us offering our business advisory services before but how do you know if it’s the right fit for your business?

Business Owners usually tends to consider 3 main types of external business assistance. Let’s break them down;

Business Coaches: usually work with businesses to help individuals build their own skills, eg as leaders. They don’t generally deal directly with business challenges.

Business Consultants: typically work alongside business owners and leaders short-term, to solve a very specific problem, sometimes getting very ‘hands on’ and often using highly specialised technical skills.

Business Advisers: analyse problems and potential risks businesses are facing and help provide advice to help business owners achieve their financial and operational goals

Of course many of the best business advisers are also very skilled in other areas of business expertise, like accounting. This unique set of skills allows our team of business advisors to make informed and educated advice to our clients.

So if you have a healthy business but a leader needs advice to personally succeed in role, get a coach. If your business encounters an isolated problem that it can’t fix yourself, hire a consultant. And if you need help across the business as a whole, especially when you don’t have a strong Strategic Plan, engage a Business Adviser.

Business advisory is what we do! We know and understand the difficulties that businesses can face without suitable guidance. It is imperative that any business spends time analysing and implementing well thought out strategies to achieve their goals. Call or book an appointment today!

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