Supporting Little Breakthrough Heroes and the Big Talks for Little People Program

Providing SA Kids with Resources and Tools for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilient Conversations.

Piteo Accounting & Advisory’s Community Connections program is partnering with the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation and Little Heroes Foundation to support the roll out of the Big Talks for Little People program – a mental health literacy education initiative.

Big Talks for Little People is an online mental health module for primary school age students (7-12 years) within South Australia and the Northern Territory. Its focus is on prevention through early and meaningful education. The pilot program is delivered free of charge for schools and was developed with support from Flinders University.

Funds raised not only support this program, but contributions also fund Friendship Benches in schools; a physical space where kids can have conversations with each other about mental health.

Marco Piteo, Partner, Piteo Accounting & Advisory said he and his team felt passionately about the mental health and wellbeing of all kids, making the firm honoured to be able to support such a worthwhile program.

“We all have families in one dynamic or another, we all have a strong connection to children in our lives, making this new partnership with Little Breakthrough Heroes so personal for our Community Connections initiative,” said Marco Piteo.

“We are an extremely family focused firm with a sense of empathy wanting collectively to support causes that matter to us. Our support of Little Breakthrough Heroes and this new partnership not only mean a direct financial donation but also encouraging our clients to raises funds as well to broaden the reach and impact we can deliver through our involvement.”

Breakthrough Executive Director John Mannion said the conversation around mental health has never been stronger, “but we just need to make sure people are listening.”

“The ongoing strain on our mental health and on our health system, means we need to work together to look after one another and provide opportunities to empower our community. Educating our kids is just one way to further support each other,” Mr Mannion said.

“A child’s friend is their first responder – let’s empower communities to have the confidence to look after one another and have those difficult conversations – and invest in the research for prevention through new programs like this.”

Chris McDermott, Little Heroes Foundation Chairman and CEO, is looking forward to working with the team at Piteo Accounting & Advisory to raise much needed funds to support the Big Talks for Little People program through the new Little Breakthrough Heroes collaboration.

“South Australians are very generous in nature and Marco is another great example of that generosity and passion, contributing to the wellbeing of others and supporting an issue that is so important to the broader community,” said Chris McDermott.

“We would like to thank Piteo Accounting & Advisory for their contribution, one of our first Friendship Benches is now funded and will be installed at a chosen school early in 2022, not to mention their additional support as a Bronze partner at the upcoming and A Spectacular Night of Big Talks for Little People event next month.”

Piteo Accounting & Advisory take their corporate social responsibilities seriously, committed to supporting various community and environmental initiatives. The Community Connections program launched earlier this year enables them to make a difference to social issues that are important to them as a team.

To support the Little Breakthrough Heroes, secure your seat at the table for A Spectacular Night of Big Talks, signature event on Saturday 13 November 2021 at the Queens Theatre here.

Can we band together and fundraise another 5 Friendship benches by the new year? Contribute towards the Big Talks for Little People program, visit:

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