Meet Loulla, our Intermediate Accountant

Our Intermediate Accountant Loulla has been with Piteo Accounting & Advisory since 2014 when the business first started, having been an accountant since 2000. Along with her Diploma of Accounting, she has various accounting industry experience including Building, Consultancy, Beauty, Hospitality and more – you could say she’s a jack of all trades

Knowing that her work allows her clients to grow their own businesses and make their life easier when it comes to accounting and tax time, gives Loulla great happiness. Although she has much experience, Loulla aims to continue to grow professionally with further study and training.

What is her biggest accomplishment while at our firm?

Together with her colleagues, Loulla says her biggest accomplishment in her time at Piteo Accounting & Advisory is creating an amazing environment and workplace culture where her team are always supportive and help each other out. This assists them in providing the best service to their clients.

What is the most memorable moment of her life so far?

With the most memorable moment of her life so far being the birth of her son, she enjoys making daily memories spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys watching a good movie, going for walks and taking time to relax.

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