How To: Set Goals! 

In an earlier article, we discussed and shared tips on how to get off on the right foot in 2022 by getting your finances in order. In the article, we briefly touched on setting goals for savings, so we thought we’d also share some tips on setting goals, and keeping them! 

The thought of setting a goal is always nice, but often we can set goals, and after a while stop dedicating time to achieve them, and more often than not, we stop trying all together, because of the lull. 

Our first tip? It’s important that the goal is important to you! When it’s important, once the goal is accomplished, you get a sense of achievement! It will encourage you to keep moving forward and feel a positive sense of change. Be motivated! And be motivated to chase transformation! 

Tip 2: Write your goal down in your diary, create an aesthetic wallpaper or keep a stick note by your desk or computer. Visually seeing your goal everyday will encourage you to stick to it and achieve it.

Tip 3: Be sure your goal is achievable and measurable! If you’re looking to save a certain amount of money, don’t just think of the end amount. You need to strategise a plan on how you’re going to get there, and that’s by allocating savings either each week, fortnight or month. It’ll be easier to plan and reach your end-goal if you take into consideration how much you need to keep aside. In the goal’s plan, literally write out what you’re going to do, to be able to ensure the amount you need saved each week, fortnight or month is achieved. For example, ‘I will only eat out once a week or fortnight to be able to save x amount each week, and x total by the end of the year’. Not only will this message make your goal achievable, repeating it yourself or seeing it each day in your diary, puts you in a positive and motivated mindset to keep going. 

Tip 4: Commit to, and prioritise it! By now, you would have defined your goal, visualised it, created a plan and made sure it’s achievable and measurable. Now it’s time to fully commit to it! Each day it’s important your behaviour reflects actions that will allow you to achieve your goal. You need to promise yourself that you’ll commit to the plan and not give into temptation – for example as above – getting an invite to go out for dinner although you have already been out for dinner that week or fortnight – opt to have that friend over for a home cooked meal instead. By staying true to yourself and goal, the sense of achievement at the end, will all be worth it. It’s important to not just commit halfway, as the few sacrifices you made along the way won’t seem worth it. 

Tip 5: Tell people about your goal! Informing your family and friends about your goal not just provides you with a support network, but allows them to remember when asking to socialise.  It’s important your friends and family encourage you to achieve your goal, and not pressure you to give in, if it goes against the plan you have put together. For example, a supportive network will understand the fact that you’re trying to save x amount, so won’t be disappointed when you suggest an at-home catch up, rather than going out.

Tip 6: Set a deadline, and reward yourself when you have achieved your goal. By setting a deadline, your goal is measurable, and by rewarding yourself, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. However it’s important that with your reward, it doesn’t undermine your goal to start with. For example, don’t buy an expensive handbag if saving x amount was your goal – perhaps a nice dinner out with friends to celebrate would be a better option.

Go you! Go you, for starting the first step to achieving your goal, reading this article. Start to think and plan out your goal for 2022, we know you’re capable of achieving what you put your mind to. 

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