Getting to know our Recruitment Specialists, Hender Contracting!

We sat down with Marisa Hunt from Hender Contracting, who has been providing recruitment consultancy services to Piteo Accounting & Advisory for many years. Hender Contracting is a specialist management consultancy practice which provides a range of services within the human resources field. They are a close-knit and trusted team of consultants who have a flair for securing a high calibre of candidates to fill a variety of roles.

How long have you been working with Marco and the Piteo Accounting & Advisory team?

Hender Contracting has been providing a high-quality specialist recruitment consultancy service to Piteo Accounting & Advisory (PAA) since 2015, with successful permanent and temporary appointments across accounting and finance and other disciplines.  During this time we have worked closely with Marco and his team to genuinely get to know them and develop an in-depth understanding of their business needs and what a “perfect candidate” means to them. This has enabled us to deliver a quality service and advice for staffing solutions as a true business partner. Partnering with such an experienced, professional, and dedicated team on an inclusive basis, has helped us ensure the best possible outcomes for PAA. This in turn has allowed PAA to focus on what they do best, as a leading accounting advisory firm, and concentrate on other aspects of growing their business and delivering quality financial services to their clients.

It’s great to see that you are so passionate about your role. What do you like most about it?

The opportunity to take on the role of trusted advisor to industry and professionals alike, and assist in offering real solutions to people and businesses. No day is ever the same and it provides a rewarding sense of achievement and purpose that comes from helping professionals find their exciting new role, and a business their ideal candidate. Working for an experienced executive recruitment firm such as Hender involves building trusted relationships with different people at all levels. The opportunity to meet interesting and often highly experienced and pivotal people from all industry is both rewarding and energising. I find that the high degree of autonomy and independence, with a flexible working schedule is very appealing. In recruitment you are always learning and building on your knowledge and skills with every meeting and job briefing you have with clients and candidates alike and there are opportunities to work across varied roles and multiple industries and sectors.

What sets Piteo Accounting & Advisory apart from other accounting firms?

Marco has worked really hard to create a very family orientated and friendly work environment. The whole team are community focussed and like to give back where they can such as by sponsoring local charities and being involved in corporate volunteering. I have found that they have a strong understanding of their clients’ needs and offer specialist services and tailoring to each client. They build solid, meaningful relationships and have good communication and interpersonal skills. We look forward to continuing our partnership with PAA through their growth period. As PAA look to enhance their business by bringing in the right people, we are on hand to help facilitate this, by recommending the best way to market themselves to attract rising talent.

If you need recruiting services for your company, get in touch with Marisa at to find out more, or Hender’s website

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