4 reasons why your business needs an accountant

Accountants aren’t just there to help you and your business lodge your tax return. In fact, there are many important roles that an accountant plays in the world of business finance.

Not only can they help with taxes and general finance things, but they can also assist you in ways that directly impact your business plan, goals and growth.

Here’s 4 reasons why your business needs a good accountant.

A good accountant can ensure you have strategically set up and implemented your business plan or review your plans. If you don’t yet have one, they can work with you to create one.

1. Business planning

As a business owner, having an expert on side is an excellent way to ensure that your business goals are aligned with strategic financial and business advice.

2. Money in, money out

Using cloud-based technology, your accountant will keep detailed records of your expenditure and collaborate with you to see where money is coming in and going out. This added layer of awareness in your business keeps you up-to-date with real-time information on your cash flow and prepares for a smooth transition into tax season.

3. Accountability for your business goals

A good accountant, means having someone who can hold you accountable for your business goals. While you’re busy setting goals, they can keep an eye on cash flow and expenditure. This will help your accountant to monitor the direction your business is going and determine whether it’s the right one.

4. Guidance to lead

Growth and success don’t always go hand in hand. Sometimes, growth can happen too quickly without your business putting the right foundations in place to support it. An experienced, professional accountant will guide you in the direction of successful growth, identifying the holes in your growth strategy and making suggestions on how to approach the situation.

Whether you’re a start-up or been in business a while, collaborating with an experienced, quality accountant will help your business succeed. Ensure you are working with an accountant who genuinely cares about your business. Piteo Accounting & Advisory are a progressive accounting practice with a modern approach, developing strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We recognise that within every great and successful business there are many key components which need to be carefully considered, therefore we design strategies that focus on business success and guide you towards your ideal work-life balance.

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