Supporting Camp Kickstart

As part of our Community Connections program, Piteo Accounting & Advisory team members recently spent a day volunteering for KickStart for Kid’s ‘Camp Kickstart’.

Camp KickStart is a school holiday care program for vulnerable and disadvantaged children aged five to thirteen who don’t look forward to the holidays like their peers do, as their families are experiencing hardship.

Marco Piteo, Franca Hissey, Fran Aiossa, Shamina Najmudeen and Loulla Alder spent a day assisting the Kickstart team, preparing and serving healthy food to the children and taking part in all the activities, partnering with the mentors for extra support and self-esteem building.

Marco Piteo, Partner of Piteo Accounting & Advisory said he and his team were privileged to be able to support such a worthwhile program.

“Our team loved spending the day with the Kickstart staff, the other volunteers and the children. The Kickstart team were brilliant in facilitating a beautiful day for the children, in a safe and nurturing environment! We can see how vital it is to support an organisation such as Kickstart for Kids, which is having such a positive experience on disadvantaged children right here in SA,” highlights Marco.

We are one of many organisations who provide not only financial support to Kickstart for Kids, but also our staff to volunteer. It is this level of commitment along with donations from individual South Australians within the community that enables KickStart for Kids to help these children who need it most. To find out how you can also support Kickstart for Kids, visit:

Read more about our Community Connections program. 

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