Meet Marco, our Managing Partner

Piteo Accounting & Advisory is a progressive accounting practice, founded and led by Marco Piteo, located on Beulah Road in Norwood.

Marco has been doing what he loves; accounting, since 2002. He is a Certified Practising Accountant and holds a CPA Public Practice Certificate which allows him to practice as a CPA Public Practitioner in accordance with CPA Australia’s Constitution and bylaws. After being awarded a Fellow Membership of CPA Australia (FCPA) in 2019, he was also accepted as a Fellow of the Tax Institute (FTI) in 2021. Throughout all of this, Marco has gained exposure and experience across various industries. Who really is Marco?

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The ability to connect with people and form relationships while clients achieve their personal, family and business goals is what inspires Marco about his profession. However, his personal goal is to continue to grow and develop each day into the best version of himself and not only embrace change but to drive change. Marco Piteo is passionate about ‘giving back’ and  currently sits on the Board of the Pro Health Care Foundation.

His vision for the Practice is to continue to develop and embrace the rapidly changing world of accounting through the use of AI and other cutting-edge technology. Through partnering with clients, offering a holistic approach and extending his friendship, Marco hopes to not only guide clients but to help them fulfill their personal, family and business goals.

Through vision development, hours of analytical thought and self-trust, Marco believes his biggest accomplishment is the many friendships he has formed with colleagues, clients and other like professionals. After many years, seeing the Practice develop and his vision come to life, has been a memorable experience. However, his most memorable experiences have been the birth of his 2 children, Dion Marc and Isla Grace.

It’s playing with his children, nice family dinners, family holidays and spending time with good friends that make Marco happy outside of the office. Keeping his cultural traditions alive and passing them onto his children are also a big part of his life. He also enjoys golf, fishing, soccer, AFL, Formula 1, good wine and of course good food!

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