Meet Amy, our Practice Administrator

Amy may have only just begun her journey at Piteo Accounting & Advisory, however she brings with her a range of expertise. With her Diploma in Business and Dental Assistant background, Amy worked her way to Practice Manager over a period of 9 years. She prides herself on her organisation and time management skills, along with an administrative style which focuses on employee motivation and achieving goals. One team, one dream!

What are Amy’s aspirations for the firm?

Over her time at Piteo Accounting & Advisory, Amy hopes to use her strengths and identify areas of improvement for workplace efficiency and implementing effective working procedures and policies. We like the sound of that!

What are Amy’s career goals?

Amy’s career goals are to work within an environment where she can experience not only personal growth but career growth, which is why we believe Piteo is the perfect fit for her. She hopes to use her skills to bring success and inspire other mothers that you can achieve balance between business and home. She is proud that along the way, her profession has allowed her to meet some amazing clients and innovators within the SA Community, helping to grow SA.

How about outside of work?

Well as a lover of sports, Amy says one of her greatest accomplishments was holding a Duel Full Scholarship at SASI for rowing and basketball. Her fondest memories include meeting her partner and raising their family. When she’s not in the office, Amy loves going to the footy, cooking and spending time with her family and their beloved dog.

You may see Amy around the office, say hi to her next time you’re in the office, or you can contact her here:

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