How were Lo & Co Interiors equipped to grow their business?

Lo & Co is the creative collaboration of Arielle Lopresti and Teegan Cocchiaro. Born from a love of contemporary interiors, unique design and their passion for thoughtfully designed hardware. Founded in 2016 their vision was to make ordinary hardware accessories a little less ordinary, and ensure the craftsmanship of every piece translates into luxurious hardware. Today they continue to expand the range with new and exciting finishes, constructions and materials. See below how Piteo Accounting & Advisory has helped them with their business success.

How many years has Marco and the team supported your business, and how?

We’ve been working with Marco for more than two years. He and the team have provided us with tax effective structuring advice, annual tax accounting functions, and commercial business advice.  

How has that helped you build a successful business?

It has allowed us to establish solid tax effective structures that are aligned to both our business and personal financial goals.

What sets Piteo Accounting & Advisory apart from other accounting firms? 

Marco has a deep commercial understanding of the businesses he services, and a focus on gaining commercial understanding of clients business from the inception of the relationship, which in turn allows them to have to great insight into the growth trajectory of the business and makes them acutely aware of the challenges we face.

What inspires you about your own profession?

We are a design led business, so design and innovation constantly inspire us. The use of social media and a rapidly changing media landscape also inspires us, as it has been the greatest key to our continued success.

Head to the Lo & Co website to see their range.

We know that starting, and growing, a business can sometimes be challenging without proper guidance. It is imperative that any business spends time implementing strategies to achieve business growth and development. When it comes to business advice, Piteo Accounting & Advisory can help your business analyse problems and potentials risks with our considerable experience in providing practical and up-to-date business advice. Our business advisory service helps to remove or automate your administrative tasks so that businesses such as Lo & Co can run with confidence and clarity.

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