How were GO Beyond Marketing equipped to launch their business?

Gabriella Ocenasek & Carla Giro, Directors of GO Beyond Marketing, partner with a range of unique and motivated businesses across various industries within SA. This boutique marketing agency offers their clients the opportunity to build genuine and ongoing relationships between brands and networks. They are passionate about working with brands who have a strong sense of community and ‘giving back’, encouraging clients to make a positive impact in our world, and explore community partnerships that closely align with brand missions and key values.

“Thank you to Marco and the team at Piteo Accounting & Advisory for guiding us the past year, providing business advice in a way that we actually understood it, and ensuring we set solid foundations for GO Beyond Marketing right from the get-GO. For anyone else out there also following your dreams, starting up, putting yourself out there in the world, a little expert guidance from the beginning goes a long way – believe us, we have been through it,” shares Gabriella.

See below how Piteo Accounting & Advisory has helped them with their business success.

How many years has Marco and the team supported your business, and how?

GO Beyond Marketing are at an exciting stage of growth and knowing that we have the full support of Marco & his team throughout this process has been imperative to our success so far.

How has that helped you build a successful business?

Starting a business can be both exciting and overwhelming. While we were busy on the ground managing clients and their campaigns, Marco & his team were busy in the background setting strong foundations to a great business structure and as well as provided vital training on how to best manage our finances through Xero.

What sets Piteo Accounting & Advisory apart from other accounting firms? 

Any accounting firm can provide a business with basic compliance services, but the Piteo Accounting & Advisory team, like us at GO Beyond Marketing, went above and beyond for our business. We have developed a really great relationship with their team.

What inspires you about your own profession?

We love the power of communication to fuel business dreams and support our clients in reaching their own goals. However, working with brands to incorporate corporate social responsibility into their overall business strategy and marketing campaigns is both inspiring and extremely rewarding.

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We know that starting, and growing, a business can sometimes be challenging without proper guidance. It is imperative that any business spends time implementing strategies to achieve business growth and development. When it comes to business advice, Piteo Accounting & Advisory can help your business analyse problems and potentials risks with our considerable experience in providing practical and up-to-date business advice. Our business advisory service helps to remove or automate your administrative tasks so that businesses such as GO Beyond Marketing can run with confidence and clarity.

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