3 Things For Your Small Business’ January To Do List

The new year is here! A fresh start where we can put the past year behind us and fulfill those resolutions on our lists. Get in shape, eat healthy, smile more, work harder, make those dreams come true.

In theory, resolutions are a great idea, but we often quickly fall into the comfort of old habits or experience unforeseen events. Blame time, work, family, the weather, or anything when it comes to not fulfilling a resolution that you were already feeling unsure about.

In the workplace, getting a task done is not done by resolution. Using a checklist is far more efficient than going by a resolution because there is an instant sense of accomplishment when you check off what you finished. Here’s 3 things to add to your January to-do list for your small business, that way you can cross them off now, instead of waiting to work on them later in the year.

1. Establish a plan for the year with you and/or your team. 

Whether this plan concerns marketing or finances, it’s important to start the year off on the right foot with your staff. This will keep the communication flow steady and ensure that all employees are on board with projects and assignments for the year to come. If you’re a one man band, it’s still important to recognise these plans by writing them down and sticking to the plan. These may even include plans for your professional development throughout the coming year.

2. Inspire your team about the upcoming year! 

Getting back into work mode after the holidays can be hard, especially after 2-3 weeks off. Help your team find focus by being the driving force that motivates them- reintroduce concepts you discussed putting into action at the end of last year, set aside one-on-one sessions with various departments to see what projects they have planned, talk about initiatives to focus on for the year in a group meeting. Ask for their input and see what they’d like to contribute too!

3. Complete and reflect on your accounting

A reflection on the previous calendar year usually coincides with excitement for what the next 12 months might bring, including an abundance of ideas about where to devote finances and how they should be prioritised. There’s no better way to feel refreshed and ready for the year ahead than to tie up the accounting and close the books on the previous year; this might mean paying or chasing outstanding invoices, recording end of year expenses and reviewing external contracts. Then you can focus on what needs to change for your business throughout the year ahead.

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